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Shmuel Law Group, LLC is a boutique and sophisticated corporate, tax, and transaction advisory law firm based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Focusing exclusively on small and medium sized businesses, Shmuel Law Group, LLC works with entrepreneurs, start-ups, first- and second-generation business owners, and real estate investors and developers. Our advice is designed to be practical and ready to implement, because we know our clients do not have the time nor the budgets to focus on legal theory and philosophical legal advice. We cut through the red tape to get our clients the bottom-line legal advice they need to drive their business decisions.

Complex Problems: Custom Solutions

Our clients present us with their most complex business and legal problems, happening in real time. We recognize our clients’ needs for responsive, practical, and customized legal advice, and always work within that framework to deliver top quality, fast, and ready-to-apply legal advice.

We do this by taking the time to fully understand our clients’ businesses, strategic goals, and environmental pressures, then tailoring our advice to meet our clients’ individual and specific needs. We know that our advice needs to be right, on time, and applicable to the issue at hand. We pride ourselves in our ability to deliver consistent results for our clients.

More Than a Law Firm. A Global Network

While other attorneys sit by the phone and wait for clients to call with legal concerns, we plug directly into our clients’ businesses and find ways to drive their growth. Our relationships with financial advisors, lenders, insurers, vendors, customers,  and other service providers creates a vertically integrated network for our clients to leverage for their own business growth. We make synergies happen every day for our clients.

Our network, like our clients, has local roots in Philadelphia but a global reach. Our relationships extend across the United States; Latin America; the UK and Western Europe; Northern, Central, and Eastern Africa; and the Middle East. We pride ourselves on owning a deep roster of solutions providers we can plug in to virtually any client problem. Solving business problems–not just legal problems—is our number one priority.


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Address: 1635 Market St 16th Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19102

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