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Tax Law​​

Our core practice is transactional tax advice and tax controversy, including representing clients in tax audits, tax litigation, administrative disputes, and negotiations with taxing authorities. On the transactional side, we take a tax-focused approach to business deals, but unlike traditionally siloed tax advisors, do not let tax decisions override the underlying economics of our clients’ deals.

Our deep knowledge of federal, state, and local tax, and the interplay with international and multinational tax regimes, as well as our partnerships with foreign tax advisors, allows us to structure investments and transactions tax-efficiently. We specialize in foreign investments into US businesses and drive value to our clients by opening up new channels to capital previously available to only the largest multinational businesses.

In the realm of tax controversy, we are practical and knowledgeable IRS audit advisors and work regularly with state and local taxing authorities. Our deep knowledge of agency procedures and practices enable us to give practical advice to our clients in audits, investigations, and appeals.

Corporate Law

Our corporate practice is transaction-driven, with a specialized focus on business life cycle events: business formation; capitalization and recapitalization; strategic investments oriented towards growth and expansion; private equity, strategic alliances, and joint venture investments; and exit events, including sales and succession planning.

We serve as a sounding board and planning advisor to our clients, taking an active role in board meetings, war-room strategy sessions, and developing business and line-of-service plans. We are more than an M&A partner, serving as outsourced general counsel, strategic advisors, and a deep advisory network for our clients.

Real Estate Development​​

Our real estate practitioners have deep roots in Philadelphia, the Collar Counties, and South Jersey. We work on the most complicated commercial and residential multi-family real estate deals, solving all manner of title problems and transaction hiccups.

We specialize in clarifying and quieting titles, working with creditors, judgment holders, and lien holders to settle claims, and bringing deals to a timely closing. Our deep knowledge of the local real estate market, and the local stakeholders, empowers our clients to do more deals, faster, and with a track record of successful closings.

We pride ourselves on having the institutional knowledge and expertise to get deals done and for providing white-glove service to our clients.

Business Succession Planning​​

Business owners have a unique asset allocation problem that requires specific, strategic advice and planning: most of their portfolio is often tied up in an illiquid asset—the family business.

We work with business owners and their next generation of managers to successfully plan business transitions, liquidity events, and retirement planning. We know that the business is often another member of the family, and work with our clients to make sure all family members, including the business, are appropriately looked after in any transaction.

We are also aware that closely held businesses, much like families, do not run smoothly all of the time. We work to anticipate problems before they become unsolvable, and work with our clients to put in place best practices to grow with our clients’ strategic visions. Importantly, we help our clients implement practical solutions to get our clients to where they want to be, whether in retirement or on the next venture.​​

Tax Exempt Organizations​

Charities, religious, and educational institutions have unique legal problems requiring equally unique solutions. We work with tax exempt organizations of all shapes and sizes, resolving formation issues; advising on governance and implementing best practices; advising on strategic core-business and unrelated-business transactions; and assisting with large scale, sophisticated fundraising including pledges and tax-exempt gifts. We advise our tax-exempt clients in ordinary and extraordinary business transactions and represent our clients in federal, state and local audits and investigations.

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